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Published by Linn County Extension

At this hands-on class you will learn how to prune, stake, and maintain young dwarf fruit trees to maximize yields and health. You will also learn how to prune new fruit trees purchased from the plant sale fundraiser.

Royce Schintler, an experienced pruner at Wilson’s Orchard in Iowa City, will lead you through pruning and staking apple, pear, plum, and cherry trees. Informational handouts will be available.

Sponsored by Iowa City Parks and Recreation and Backyard Abundance.
Refreshments provided by New Pioneer Food Co-op: http://newpi.coop/
Learn more: http://www.backyardabundance.org/

COST: Donations requested. Please pay at the event based upon the value you receive from the class.

DIRECTIONS:Wetherby Park, 2400 Taylor Dr, Iowa City (From the park parking lot, follow the west path to the Edible Forest Maze)

EDIBLE FOREST MAZE: In the spring of 2011, in partnership with Iowa City Parks and Recreation, Backyard Abundance helped design and plant the Wetherby Park “Edible Forest Maze” as part of a “Grow Your Park” grant.See the maze design and implementation pictures: http://www.backyardabundance.org/Services/Portfolio/ProjectDetails/tabid/146/albumid/39/userid/1/Wetherby-Park-Edible-Forest-Maze.aspx

ABUNDANT SAFARI: The maze is one of ten destinations on the Abundant Safari, a self-guided adventure through environmentally abundant landscapes in Iowa City. Before attending the event, be sure to download a journal and bring it with you so you can take a rubbing from the stake. See destination pictures and learn more: http://abundantsafari.com/index.php/destinations/wetherby-park-maze

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